Hampton Roads Obedience Training Club

Since 1947

Advanced Skills/More Proofing

This class is for dogs to work on their social skills among other people and dogs.  When weather permits, this class will be held partly outside.  Many of the things we will work on will be similar to things you and your dog may encounter in daily life and/or dogshows.  Examples: controlling our dogs while going in/out of a gate or door with other dogs within sight; having ourdogs sit/down by our side while seated at table with drink/snack; have dogssit/down by our side while dog walks by outside babygate or fence; have dogs doserpentine around other handlers and their dogs, and simple games. A limited number of chairs will be available at class, however, handlers may prefer to bring their own lawn chair, a small rug or towel for your dog to lay on, your drink of choice (non-alcoholic), and plenty of tasty treats for your dog.