Hampton Roads Obedience Training Club

Since 1947


Agility Skills

Course Description:
This class is for puppies that have completed a puppy class or older dogs that have completed a basic class. The basics and skills needed for agility are introduced. The dogs do not work on any of the contact equipment. There will be a wobble board which will simulate the Teeter and a plank for walking on to get their balance. They will be introduced to the jumps (set very low), tunnels, and work with many distractions. Dogs are on lead for this class. 

Agility Beginner
Course Description:
Beginner Agility is for dogs who have never done agility before. You will be introduced to all the contact, types of tunnels, table, tire and winged and non winged equipment. Dogs must be able to work off leash and have a good come. Only one dog will be off leash at a time. Others will be held by their owners or placed in crates. 

Agility Intermediate
Course Description:
Intermediate Agility is for dogs who know the equipment and need to work on drills, sequences and be introduced to the different types of handling skills necessary for running agility.