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Dog Photography

Do you love taking pictures of your dog but are often disappointed at how they come out? This class will teach you the basics of photography – controlling the camera, using lighting, taking portraits and action shots – and then show you how to use this knowledge to improve the pictures you take of your dog. You will use your dog and other dogs as models to demonstrate your improving skills over the length of the course. By expanding your knowledge you will learn to take better pictures even with a cell phone, but to truly benefit from this class it is strongly recommended that you have a camera that allows you to control the settings and has a manual exposure option. Please bring your camera and flash to class. If you are thinking of buying a better camera but want to learn more first, the instructor will have 1 or 2 cameras available to borrow during class time. Note: Well behaved dogs are welcome. Bring a mat or crate depending on your dog’s level of training. Your dog must be able to stay on his mat/crate quietly so you and the other students can listen to the instruction.