Hampton Roads Obedience Training Club

Since 1947

Here at HROTC, our instructors are all dog owners, who have participated in many training classes with their dogs and have gone on to earn titles with their dogs in one or more areas of interest. They routinely take more classes to hone their skills and spend more time with the dogs they love.

Many of our instructors go to seminars to expand their skills for the classes they teach. With the exception of our training director, our trainers do not train dogs for a living. They are here solely to help you learn to train your dog and help create a deep bond with your dog based on friendship and fun!

Karen Adams

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Breed: Irish Wolfhounds

Hello Everyone! I am a retired Biology professor am glad to be back in Hampton Roads after three years in the San Diego area. I’m originally from the northern region of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan but I have lived all over the US in the past forty years. I’ve always had dogs and was a sled dog musher for many years. Huskies are the quintessential high energy dog and my decision to get Irish Wolfhounds was driven by my desire to have a giant breed that was very laid back for my retirement years. My older girl is 3 ½ and we have been working on obedience training for competition since she was a pup. We are doing Rally at the moment and loving it! My pup is going to be shown in conformation and is starting scentwork which she is enjoying. I love training my dogs because it helps strengthen our bond and it’s so much fun!

Jackie Daley

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Breed - Border Collies

While I have had dogs my whole life it wasn’t until I got my first border collie that I really started training dogs. I  tried herding, agility and several other sports before I found my real love - flyball. I have trained 5 border collies in this sport and work every Sunday with Hairier Jump Jets, the local flyball clubm to help train their dogs.  In addition to flyball, HROTC led me to scentwork and two of my dogs participate in this sport. Hopefully I will see you in flyball class and then in the lanes. 

Carol DeLuca
Breed: Shetland Sheepdog
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Ever since I  begged my parents for a dog as a child, I've had a dog my whole life. My first dog was a German Shepherd and then a black Lab was my friend through adulthood. For the past 25 years, I have owned Shelties. I love Shelties for their intelligence, loyalty, and desire to please. Oh, and their faces! Due to my condo rules, I can only have one dog at a time or I would have plenty more. I now have an 8 year old bi-color Sheltie named Mr Right. 

I take classes with my dog more for fun than for competition, although I"m proud to say that despite my half-hearted effort, Mister has earned a few titles for himself. He has Novice Jumper in Agility, Achiever Dog, and all levels of trick dog up to Trick Dog Performer. He has his CGC and has been a registered Therapy Dog for over 5 years, and during that time has participated once a month in the city's Pawsitive Reading Program in Virginia Beach.

The HROTC classes that have helped him the most have been the FitPaws and Parkour classes. He has a fear of climbing on things. For example, he's been held back in agility due to his fear of the A Frame. These classes have helped him see that it can be fun to climb and jump on (appropriate) things. Parkour is making use of thenatural environment where the dog works on climbing, balancing, and jumping. All dogs need exercise and these classes provide the dogs with exercise in a fun and natural way.

Kristina Kinney

Breed: Terriers

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I'm originally from Southern Germany, married a Yankee and have lived abroad and in the U.S. since 1984.

Over the last 23 years a Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier who became a therapy dog, a Schnauzer mix and currently 2 Cairn Terriers joined my family. We participate and compete in Earthdog tests and AKC Scent Work (SW). My male, Cosmo, is the first cairn terrier in the U.S. to earn the Scent Work Novice (SWN) and Scent Work Advanced (SWA) titles. My female, Dancer, has earned her Junior Earthdog and Handler Discrimination Novice (HDN) titles.

I enjoy dogs who are independent thinkers and problem solvers. I am definitely a terrier person!

I regularly attend SW classes and Workshops to further my knowledge as an instructor and competitor.

Marietta Marston

Breed: German Shepherd

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I enjoy working with dogs very much and i am teaching Scent Work 2. I just love to see the dogs and their handlers come together in harmony. It is a fun sport that both of you participate in. It can be for fun, to focus your dog's mind or it can help to build their confidence.

I began training with my German Shepherd, Sadie, December 2013. For the past 5 years I have been working on dog reactivity and obedience training. I started with the basic obedience classes and took good manners, reactive class, pack classes, agility, course luring and scent work. I attended a workshop, "Understanding Canine Body Language". Last year, both of my German Shepherds, Sadie and Fawn, got their CGC, CGCU and CGCA's. I began scent work in January, 2016 and I attended seminars like Search Like a Pro, Buried Hides, How Scent Travels Workshop and Exteriors Working Dogs & Wind Workshop. Fawn, my other German Shepherd, got her NACSW NW1 Title six months after I adopted her from the SPCA in February, 2016. Last year she got her AKC SCN Title (scent work containers). Handler Discrimination is a newer search criteria and Fawn got 1st place ribbons in Handler Discrimination. Sadie got her AKC SBN (scent buried hides) Title and 1st place in Containers.

My goal is to help you be as successful with your dog in Scent work as I am with mine, and help you fall in love with the sport of Scent work.

Andrea Marx, CTDI, CPDT-KA -  Training Director

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dogs and my rescues are a Papillon mix and a Papillon 

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I'm a certified Trick dog instructor, Stunt dog judge, AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, certified with CCPDT  I'm continuing my education about dog training, there are always new studies coming out that improve the way we train our dogs and I want to offer the most effective and convenient ways to teach people how to train their dogs. I train and instruct with reward based training, which is the most effective training method.

I have done the following dog training workshops and seminars and many more:

* Dr. Ian Dunbar's Sirius Dog trainer Academy

* Growl class- workshop for Reactive dogs
* Science-based Dog training
* Kyra Sundance dog trick workshop
* Reliability & games workshop

* Stunt Dog Judge workshop

*Rally Freestyle with Julie Flanery

* Aggression cases from A-Z with Michael Shikashio 

I'm always educating myself to become efficient as a trainer and instructor. 
I'm currently owned by a Bernese mountain dog, Papillon and a Chihuahua/Papillon mix which I train to compete in Agility, Obedience, Rally-o  Tricks and  Nosework 

Beverly McGhghy

Breeds: Manchester Terrier, Chinese Crested

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I discovered AKC obedience trials in 1985 in Lincoln NE after taking my Sheltie “Lady” to an obedience class to learn not to pull me down the street. Lady got her CDX. Four more Shelties and a Manchester Terrier followed, with each acquiring their CD and various agility titles at the novice and open levels. My current Manchester “Riley” is enjoying K9 Nose Work (has NW3 Elite Title), lure coursing (has CAA title), and agility (has NA, NAJ, NAP and NJP titles) – I also showed him to his AKC/UKC championships. One of my Chinese Crested’s “Willie” has a Rally title (RA) and his CGC, and is working on K9 Nose Work and obedience; I put a few points on him but never finished his championship. The other Crested “Flash” has his CGC and is working on K9 Nose Work and agility.
I am currently teaching K9 Nose Work classes.

Karen Neymark CPDT-KA (ret)

Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dogs, Portuguese Water Dogs

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Training Dogs was not something I ever thought I'd be doing but I brought home my first dog 16 years ago and as they say, the rest is history.  I become interested in puppy development and socialization, working with reactive dogs and then, with my second dog, in performance events.  I took classes, read, went to workshops and then, at the suggestion of a  friend, pursued becoming a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.  I quickly discovered I was not interested in training dogs as a job but began teaching puppy kindergarten classes at HROTC and later Rally Obedience and Obedience classes.  Getting puppies and their people off to a good start thru positive training can early socialization remains the focus of my teaching at HROTC and with my own dogs.

Bernese Mountain Dogs
Murphy 12/2/99-4/25/11  My heart dog.  
CH Shasta's Antidote to D Blues (Emma) CD RA CGC TDIA 1/2/02-5/08 Gone way too soon
Shasta's Anodyne V Panther Mtn (Annie) RN BN CGC TDIA 6/8/08-
Kaibab's Fortune Smilz On Me (Maya) CD RE CGCA HCT-s DD RATI 9/2/08- 

Portuguese Water Dogs
Seaworthy's Backstroke Boy (Dillon) RN CGCA CGCU JWC 6/18/14-

Suzie Parsons

Breeds: Siberian Husky

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I have been involved in purbred dogs since 1972 when we got our first Siberian Husky.  44 years and possibly 60 huskies later, we now have two 14 yr olds left.  Over the years my involvement has included "recreational" sled dog racing on the east coast.  For four years I had the top placing 4-dog purebred team in the Mid-Atlantic area.

The words  Obedience and Siberians are not normally heard in the same sentence, but I was able to put CD's on two of them, with one of them also getting her RE degree.  I have finished two AKC Champions, and several of my dogs have been CGC's as well as therapy dogs.

I am comfortable teaching Conformation, Basic and Puppy Classes.   As an AKC Ambassador I am able to test for CGC, CGCA and CGC Urban but what I enjoy most is presenting Pet Safety classes for children.

Silke Satzinger

AKC - STAR Puppy/CGC/ CGCA/CGCU-Evaluator & UKC-Rally Obedience Judge, SOPT- Evaluator

Breed: Doberman

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I became a member of HROTC in 1998. I cannot remember when I started teaching classes for HROTC anymore but I remember that I was very nervous during my 1st classes. Now it feels so normal to pass on all the knowledge I have learned over the years. 

I got involved with Rally Obedience in 2005 when it first came out and have titles on all of my dogs up to a total of 16 double Q’s for RAE (Rally Advanced Excellent) titles and in April of 2011 I became a UKC (United Kennel Club) Rally Obedience judge.

In 2007 I became a CGC evaluator and since then I have certified several dozens of dog/owner teams for STAR Puppy/CGC/ CGCA/CGCU. In Feb. of 2016 I also became a SPOT evaluator (equal to the AKC CGC).
Agility was also something I got involved and enjoyed.

I also got involved in Conformation (UKC & AKC) and I showed to earn AKC/UKC Grand Champion title. I also ranged # 4 in the AKC Owner Handler Series in 2014 in Dobermans.

I did a little IOP (Schutzhund) work with my dogs and I got BH (Begleit Hund) title on one of my dogs.  

My favorite classes I like to teach are S.T.A.R. Puppy, Open Obedience and the newest kid on the block, AKC Scent Work /K9 Nose Work.  After training, trialing and titling my Dobes I found the courage to start teaching that as well. I took/take private classes from a certified K9 Nose Work instructor in Richmond and a K9 bomb and drug dog trainer, attended several K9 Nose Work workshops as well as attended K9 Nose Work camps from NACSW.  I believe that I was the first one in the Hampton Roads areas that taught this new sport. In June of 2017 I became the 1st AKC Scent Work judge in the area licensed to judge all offered AKC Scent Work classes.

As you can see I try to keep an open mind to all kinds of categories.  It helps me to learn more about different sports. I learn by training my dogs at every opportunity I get. By doing so, I find different techniques of training and I can share this experience in my classes.  Every dog is unique and not all of them learn the same way or at the same rate. Knowing that helps me to adjust my methods to the individual dogs and owners.

Looking forward to teaching you to have fun training your dog. 

Dogs that I titled:
UKC-CH/RO3 /CDX/AGI Lyndobe's Head Of The Class BFL-1 CGCA, RAE, WAC, BH, CDX, GO, TT, NW3, Elite, SWA (Heady)
Am- CH/Int'l-Ch/UKC-Multi BIMBS/GrCh/ RO3/AG I/CDX/WP San Rafael's The Enemy Below CGCA/U, RE, CDX, TT, ROM, NW2, SWA, HDN, BFL-1  (Ruger)
UCD Whirlwind Santa Anas CGC/TDI CD RN NAP NJP TT (Ana)
Osca Vom Heidhauser Forst cgc, TDI, CD, WAE (Osca)
Prinzessin Kora CGC, TDI, CDX (Kora)

Lynn Winstead

Breeds: Boxers, Pugs

Contact Info: 757-857-7098 or by email click here.

Several years ago now, I passed by the same little nursing home twice a day. One day, out of nowhere I thought to myself, "Lizzy would make a great therapy dog and if I were living there I would certainly miss my fur babies."  So, I scoured the Internet and happened upon HROTC.  We took a couple of classes to perfect her skills and with that Lizzy passed her CGC test and her TDI exam. She has been warming the hearts of the folks at the nursing home ever since. After having taken the classes with HROTC I became a member of the club and started assisting other trainers with their classes to learn different techniques for training dogs. Teaching is in my blood as a special educator for more than half of my life and when asked if I would be willing to teach a class, I could not turn it down.  So, here I am, happily using my "teacher" skills in another realm. Come join us for a little fun, competition, and practice of the skills needed to pass the CGC test!