Hampton Roads Obedience Training Club

Since 1947


Basic Obedience Classes

The Basic Obedicene classes are based on simple behaviour modification techniques using a reward system to teach basic behaviours such as sit, down, stand, com heel and an off command to leave things alone and to stay off people and the furniture, etc. With these basic commands and behaviours you can teach the dog the rules of the house, have your dog evaluated for the Canine Good Citizen Test and as a future pet therapy dog. 

It is a good place to start for future adventures in Intermediate Obedience, Competitive Obedience, Rally, Agility, or any other performance event. 

Beginner Novice Obedience (BN)
Beginner Novice Obedience is an optional titling class that can be earned at AKC sanctioned obedience trials. In this class we will learn all of the BN exercises: heel on leash, figure 8, sit for exam, sit/walk around the ring and recall. In addition to these exercises we will work on proper footwork and attention.  Whether you are working toward having a dog that has very good manners when out in public or a dog you're thinking of trialing in competition rally and/or obedience, this class will give you and your dog a great foundation.
Prerequisite: Basic Obedience (minimum), CGC Prep (preferable) Your dog must be able to demonstrate the ability to sit, down, heel, stay and recall with other  dogs present to be comfortable in this class.

Novice Obedience (CD)
In this class we will continue our work on the attention and footwork needed to have a crisp, clean performance in the ring. Exercises taught are on and off leash heeling patterns, figure 8, stand for exam, recall with finish and group sit and down stays. We will also discuss the process of putting an obedience title on your dog.

Note: The Novice classes are often taught together.

Graduate Novice (GN) 
This is an optional titling class that can be earned after a dog has earned it's CD. The exercises are modified Open exercises and will be taught during Open classes for those interested.

Open Obedience (CDX)
This is a more advanced title that may be earned after a dog has completed it's CD. We will continue to work on heeling as this is an exercise at every level of competition obedience. Open obedience has more variety so we will also learn the dumbbell retrieve on the flat and over the panel jump, as well as the broad jump and the drop on recall. The sit and down stay exercises are now out of sight and of longer duration. As you can see, each level builds on the ones before it and adds brand new exercises to keep it interesting!

Rally Obedience

Rally Class
Rally is a wonderful sport that can be described as a combination of competition obedience and agility. Rally behaviors are similar to obedience behaviors, but Rally teams follow a numbered course, as in agility - the judge doesn't call a pattern. You can talk to and encourage your dog (and yourself!) throughout the course. 

Rally exercises/behaviors easily transition into other dog sports and the show ring, but they are great day-to-day exercises for use in real world scenarios - "come front and watch me while that kid on a skateboard goes by" or "let's do a moving side step to avoid that dog that is lunging at us"

Learning Rally is fun for you and your dog. It can be done in remarkably short training sessions, during commercial breaks, and while on your everyday walks. 

Rally is all about having fun and building a strong, joyful bond with your dog! And you can earn titles in the process!  All levels are taught.